Stud T&C

by brad

Last updated January 2022

Southern Sands Stud Services Terms and Conditions

Southern Sands Alpacas are happy to offer their Stud Males to other breeders for the betterment of their herd.

We invite breeders to make their own choices on selection of a suitable male, or if required we can offer advice and help when selecting a male for stud services.

We have our own vehicles for transportation and if necessary, we can bring our male(s) to you, or collect and return your females after a successful mating has occurred. In both instances mileage is chargeable, and for females left on our farm throughout the duration of a mating and confirmed pregnancy agistment is charged.

For a cheaper and more efficient mating, we would suggest a drive-by mating where the clients bring their females to us, and take them away again after that mating has taken place.

Any females left on our farm are accepted at owners risk, and are given residence in a separate enclosure for the duration of their stay. Females left on our farm are only accepted from other bio-secure environments.

Southern Sands Alpacas provide a 48 hour live cria guarantee. If your cria should die in this time then Southern Sands will offer a return service at no charge (mileage not included). Special circumstances surrounding a cria death after 48 hours will be considered.

A sonic scan carried out by Southern Sands Alpacas is included in the stud fee for all stud services, provided that the female(s) is presented to us for pregnancy diagnosis. Additionally, an Ultrasound scan by our experienced vets may be arranged at an extra cost.

Southern Sands Alpacas cannot guarantee dates for mobile stud service visits whether they are Drive-by or Mobile. However, Southern Sands Alpacas will endeavour to work with customers to book dates that are mutually convenient.

For mobile services a maximum of three visits are included in the price (mileage not included). If the female in question is not pregnant after the third successful mating an additional charge may be added for subsequent visits or the female may need to be checked by a vet or alternatively the owner may substitute the female for another.

Drive-by services and on farm services are limited to four matings after which the female will need to be checked by a vet or the owner may substitute the female for another.

When a client books a stud service they are committing to the service and the service fee is payable no matter what the pregnancy outcome. Stud service fees are non-refundable, but may be rolled over to a different female, or a following year if necessary. Southern Sands Alpacas will provide access to the stud sire in question. In exceptional circumstances the Stud Sire may be switched for another only by arrangement.

If after the services have been carried out, the female(s) do not fall pregnant or lose their pregnancy, the stud service will be become valid for the following season and fee is payable after an invoice has been received.

25% Deposit Invoices for stud services (including any mileage or agistment charges) will be raised after the service has been agreed. Balance invoices are raised after the first mating. All invoices are due on receipt and late payment may result in all remaining mobile or drive by services being refused.

Please email or call Ben at any time on 07791 396986 to discuss your stud service requirements.