The Southern Sands alpaca herd was started in 2018, after initially purchasing 4 Huacaya alpacas. 

We were running a number of successful retail outlets and had recently moved to a property with more acreage than we really wanted and so decided that to save us time cutting the grass, we would get some help.

Not only did the alpacas cut the grass, they also provided a calm, stress free, time at the end of each busy day and we immediately fell in love with these peaceful, serene animals. In fact, they were so delightful to have around it wasn’t long before we purchased another 7 alpacas of the Suri variety.

To ensure we are giving the best care to our animals, we attended various handling and husbandry courses and joined the British Alpaca Society.

Many hours were spent talking to other successful breeders, gratefully receiving help and advice.  All our spare time was taken up researching these amazing animals and attending shows to improve our knowledge.

It didn’t take us long to realise that we all had a desire to keep alpacas on a larger scale and create a new lifestyle and business with a small breeding programme of our own.

Our initial herd of Suri alpacas were of excellent pedigree containing previous show champions, and with genetics such as Accoyo Bulleyman and Suri Wonder Dream, along with other well know alpacas, and so provided us with an excellent start.

In 2019 we welcomed our first cria to be born on the farm… 4 stunning Suri females.

Since then we have introduced some amazing Stud males to our herd, improving our genetics even further.

We have attended various local shows and the National Show, winning a variety of rosettes and sashes… our most recent being the Somerset County Show, where we came home with 2 Suri champions and a Suri reserve champion, as well as the best Suri sires progeny sashes.

We are now looking forward to continuing with the breeding and showing and are also hoping in the near future to introduce more people into the wonderful world of these amazing animals through farm visits and by attending outside events with our delightful alpacas.

We also hope to provide some informative and educational sessions to promote the use of Alpaca fleece in the clothing and craft making market.